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(Served with special chutneys or sauces)

6 half pieces of crispy lentil wafers
Aloo Tiki
2 patties of crispy, pan seared potato, blended with spices
Vegetable Pakoras
A plate of assorted vegetable fritters
Chicken Pakoras
6 pieces of breast of chicken battered and fried
Vegetable Samosa
2 Lightly spiced potato and pea filling
Meat Samosa
2 Spiced minced Beef and pea filling


Tomato Soup
Puree of tomato with a mild blend of spices garnished with bread crumbs
Dal Soup
Spiced vegetables in lentil soup
Mulligatawny Soup
Delicately spiced chicken soup garnished with vegetables and rice

Tandoori Breads

Breads baked in Tandoor (Clay Oven)

Soft and puffy leavened bread
Garlic Naan
Leavened bread baked with garlic and cilantro topping
Onion Kulcha
Leavened bread stuffed with chopped onion & mild spices
Keema Naan
Leavened bread stuffed with minced ground lamb with onions and spices
Aloo Paratha
Unleavened whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes, green peas and spices
Cheese Naan
Leavened bread stuffed with cheddar cheese
Unleavened whole wheat bread made on pan
Unleavened whole wheat bread made with butter
Bread basket
Assorted breads including naan, garlic naan and onion kulcha

Exotic Indian Curries

Curries do no come with Naan or Rice; Please order it with the curry.

Curry – A blend of spices with puree of tomato, onion and garlic sauce
Koorma – curry made with onion & cream sauce with cashews and raisins
Masala – tomato & cream based sauce with a blend of herbs and spices
Saag – Chopped spinach cooked with a blend of spices
Vindaloo – A Goan speciality curry with hot spices cooked with potatoes
Kadhai – light gravy of sauteed onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers with spices
Sauces Vegetables Chicken Beef Lamb Fish Shrimp Scallops Paneer
Curry $17 $20 $20 $20 $22 $24 $24 $19
Vindaloo $17 $20 $20 $21 $22 $24 $24 $19
Masala $18 $21 $22 $22 $22 $24 $24 $20
Koorma $18 $21 $22 $22 $22 $24 $24 $20
Kadhai $19 $22 $23 $23 $23 $25 $25 $21
Saag $18 $21 $22 $22 $23 $24 $24 $20

Vegetarian Dishes

Bhindi Masala
Okra cooked with herbs and spices
Aloo Mutter
Potatoes and peas cooked in lightly spiced curry
Aloo Gobi
Potato and Cauliflower cooked in light spices
Baingan Bartha
Fire roasted eggplant cooked with tomato and onions
Chana Masala
Garbanzo beans cooked with special herbs and spices
Dal Makhani
Black lentils & kidney beans cooked in light curry
Dal Curry
Moong lentils flavored with herbs and spices
Malai Kofta
2 mixed vegetable cutlets in creamy sauce and almonds
Mutter Paneer
Homemade cheese cubes and peas in lightly spiced curry


(Basmati rice cooked with spices and saffron and served with Raita)

Basmati Rice 
Indian basmati rice cooked with anise seeds and cardmom /

Brown Basmati Rice

$3.00/ $3.50
Vegetable Biriyani
Indian basmati rice steam cooked with saffron & fruits
Chicken Biriyani
Boneless chicken cooked in basmati rice and sautéed with spices, raisins and cashews
Lamb Biriyani 
Lamb cooked in basmati rice and sautéed with spices, raisins and cashews
Shrimp Biriyani
6 pieces of Shrimp cooked in basmati rice and sautéed with spices, raisins and cashews
Beef Biriyani
Beef cooked in basmati rice and sautéed with spices, raisins and cashews

Tandoori Kababs

(Marinated and cooked in a tandoor oven & served with masala sauce)

Chicken Tikka
boneless chicken pieces marinated in Indian herbs and roasted in a tandoor
Tandoori Chicken (on bone)
chicken marinated in spices, herbs and yogurt then cooked in a clay oven
Shish Kabab
Minced Beef mixed with a special blend of Indian spices then cooked on a skewer in a clay oven served with a garnish of tangy lemon wedges
Lamb Kababs
boneless lamb marinated in yogurt, Indian herbs and grilled in a tandoor
Fish Tikka
fish marinated in lemon, ginger, & Indian spices then grilled in a clay oven.
Shrimp Kabab
6 jumbo prawns marinated in yogurt & spices then grilled in a clay oven
Monsoon Kabab
Assortment of shish kabab, jumbo prawns and tandori chicken
Rack of lamb
2 chops of lamb marinated in cream with garlic and herbs and cooked in a clay oven

Salads and Side Dishes

Mixed pickles with Indian spices
Mango Chutney
Mango simmered with spices like cinnamon, cloves and raisins
Lightly spiced yogurt with grated cucumber, carrot and potato
House Salad
Assorted vegetables like cucumber, tomato, carrot, lettuce with yogurt based dressing
Onion Salad
Deliciously prepared Onion Salad


Mango Kulfi Gulab Jamun Rice Pudding Chocolate Cake
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$9.95 $7.95 $8.95 $9.95
Kihei (Maui)
Located at Menehune Shores
760 South Kihei Rd
Kihei, HI 96753 (Map)
Phone: (808) 875 6666
Open for Dinner All Seven Days A Week from 5 to 9 pm
Lunch 11:30 am To 2:00 pm (CLOSED FOR LUNCH MONDAY & TUESDAY)
Restaurant Location: After you park in the resort parking lot (immediate left side as you enter & within the Yellow Marked Lines) walk towards the right side of the resort towards the Patio entrance .